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Katy Perry works Union Jack Eyelashes for Katy Perry: Part of Me London premiere

katy_perry_union_jack_eyelashes.jpgIt's no secret that Katy Perry loves the UK, even after her divorce from Russell Brand, she still thinks of England as her second home.

So she made an extra effort at the premiere of her movie Katy Perry: Part of Me last night by sporting some Union Jack eyelashes!

The make up lover eschewed her usual fake eyelashes of choice, her own line with Eylure, for a set of dazzling ones made just her for by Swarovski crystal. She told Daybreak, 'I'm very happy about these lashes. They made me a special set for the premiere today.'

Looks like the Anglophile is on the look out for another Brit husband too... apparently she has her eye on Prince Harry...

Want to copy Katy's look? Stargazer do a similar product for £3.99.

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