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Jessie J's wardrobe: Isle of Wight Festival & Hackney Weekend

Jessie J is another quirky lady who's had a busy weekend - the 'Do it like a Dude' singer performed at the Isle of Wight Festival on Saturday and Hackney Weekend on Sunday, sporting two very different outfits in the process.

Now we've come to expect the unexpected from Jessie. The 24-year-old treads a fine line between bending the rules and smashing them to pieces, and for that she's gained a lot of respect from fashion critics. As well as being incredibly confident when it comes to her clothing choices, she also has a fearless attitude to fashion, making it difficult to judge when she looks a. absolutely amazing or b. completely ridiculous. It helps that Jessie is beautiful - with her perfect skin, intense eyes and signature sleek hair, she could look good in a bin bag (and we wouldn't put it past her). Lets take a look at her festival wardrobe shall we?


We all know that The Voice judge likes to have fun with her outfits and take a trend to the extreme, but these jeans are a little TOO 90's for my taste; I'm all for embracing an era, but they just do nothing for her! Jessie rocked this outfit at the Isle of Wight Festival, and whilst I can appreciate what she's going for, the rips are just a bit much. If they were smaller, or if she hadn't teamed them with a pair of buckled patent rain boots, then I might have been able to get on board with the look. Weird jeans aside, I like the cropped black jumper and even the tacky Chanel medallion, but it's her hair and makeup that seals the deal. Dip dyed hair may be fading fast, but Jessie has an ability to make it look tempting all over again and I love that she colour coordinated her talons with a gradient pink to black manicure. Perfect skin and a slick of black eyeliner completed Jessie's on stage outfit.


For her performance at Hackney weekend the following day, Jessie ramped it up a notch and concentrated on the here and now. Back in May, Jessie told Company magazine that she wanted to "tone it down" as she feared she "became a bit of a cartoon", and this outfit is probably as stripped back as it gets for the singer. Now, we can't all have it both ways, but I wouldn't be surprised if Jessie's fans found this ensemble a little too 'normal'. The skin-tight striped jeans, the studded Jeffrey Campbell Lita platforms, the stud detailed washed denim jacket...it's a very 'typical' look for 2012. Thankfully, Jessie added a pop of colour with yet another cropped top (although I don't blame her with that toned stomach) and changed it up by removing the hot pink hair extensions.

Do you like it when Jessie reins it in a little or do you prefer when she goes all out? Cast your vote in our poll!

To see more of Jessie's outfits, check out her style file over at OSOYOU!

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