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Steal Tulisa's video style

No, not that video. This video:

It's Tulisa's debut single that we're interested in today. The song Young (which includes the line 'forgive me for what I have done, coz I am young'), sees her prancing about in a car and having some serious high-jinks in a hotel penthouse. It's not the best song we've heard this year, but with the recent controversy and column inches around the singer's sex tape, it's likely to do well.

Actually, she's looking pretty foxy though the whole video, but especially so in the swimsuit towards the end (yep, it's costume changes ahoy - she wears about seven outfits in three minutes).


This gorgeous floral swimsuit is actually by Ted Baker and it's just £69. Her make up shouldn't be difficult to find thanks to the blatant product placement - that's Barry M and Tulisa wants everyone to know it.

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