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Alexa Chung: 'Alex Turner is the greatest love of my life'

Anna-Wintour-and-Alexa-Chun.jpgAlexa Chung did a little interview with The Guardian at the weekend and said that boyfriend Alex Turner is the greatest love of her life.

How sweet. They probably expected her to say Barry Manilow or something.

Alexa also revealed that she's scared of the dark, frogs and public speaking, that the most expensive thing she's ever bought was a "Chanel 2.55 handbag at Heathrow airport during a hangover" (look there it is on the left!), and that she trips over "on an almost daily basis. Getting sleeves hooked on door knobs is another classic."

The TV presenter and designer (she's designing her second collection for Madewell) also said that she'd like to be remembered as "someone who inspired women to dress for themselves."

Which strikes us as a little bit odd frankly. Couldn't she think of anything better?

To read the rest of the interview, check it out at TheGuardian.co.uk here!

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