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Kim Kardashian loves money to work

kimkardashianperfume.jpgKim Kardashian has revealed that being famous isn't all about the money to her.

We suppose it's all about... no, can't be the music... the art? No... hmm. Apparently Kim just enjoys hard work.

The reality star told Fabulous, "It's not all about money. We were never spoiled as kids so we all know the importance of working hard. And when I wake up every morning in my beautiful home that I bought by myself, I know it's worth it."

Kim also explained just how much she works. It's been, like, non stop.

"I haven't stopped, like, all year so far. I've shot a commercial, music videos and done three photo shoots, all of them 14-hour, full-on, non-stop days. But it's fine. I was raised to have a really strong work ethic."

Wow. Six days working this year?! Out of 31? She must be exhausted.

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