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Cheryl Cole and... 50 Cent?!?

cheryl_cole_red_hair_tattoo_x_factor_performing.jpgSo. Apparently all the fuss about Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough is just a smokescreen for her real secret relationship - with 50 Cent.

A source said, "When Cheryl jets to LA later this month, she will be reunited with a man she's been secretly involved with since her split from Ashley in March.

They explained, "She's been happy to have all this speculation about her close relationships with Derek and will.i.am because she knew it was nonsense and just a smokescreen.

"There's one man she was truly interested in romantically, and that man's Fiddy."

They added, "With Ashley well and truly out of the picture and Cheryl going to America, she is keen to hook up with Fiddy and see how things go.

Mmm hmm.

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