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Eva Longoria tries to sell chocolate at New York Fashion Week

evamandm.jpgWhat's the opposite of selling snow to eskimos...?

Yes, Eva Longoria "I'll sell anything" Parker was hard at work at New York Fashion Week on Sunday.

This time, she wasn't flogging Magnum ice cream - but a new range of M&Ms called 'M&M Premiums'. Honestly, can't she promote something like fruit or vegetables for once?

M&M Premiums are presumably for the better class of chocolate-eater, hence Eva launching them among the fancy schmancy people at New York Fashion Week (not that any of them would be caught dead eating chocolate, of course).

But I digress. Because the important thing here is, of course, what Eva was wearing when performing said chocolate-flogging. And that appeared to be: sparkling Verdura jewellery and a sequined Pamella Roland dress. See? She's the colour of chocolate. Premium chocolate, no less. Dammit, she's good!


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