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'Prince William will ask Kate Middleton to marry him before Christmas', say insiders

So that's why she was smiling last night!

Yes, here was Kate Middleton grinning from ear to ear as she left the Casino club in London last night. And probably not just because she knew she looked gorgeous in those brown boots and that cream pashmina. Oh no.

No, this week, royal insiders have apparently been spreading the word that Prince William will go down on bended knee (well, it doesn't get more traditional than the Royals, does it?) and propose to Kate before Christmas.

According to The Times, Kate has also now been granted the official status of "girlfriend" - I know, fancy! - which, says the paper, is "a title first used by Elgiva, future wife of Edmund the Magnificent, in 938, and since given sparingly to royal squeezes only on the advice of the Knights of the Garter".

Well, here's to Kate - the future wife of William the Magnificent. Or at least: likely to be by Christmas.


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