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Pete Doherty tells tales on Kate Moss?

pete_doherty.jpgIt's no way to win Kate back - but rumour has it that Pete Doherty will spill the beans on his relationship with the Moss-ter for a tell-all documentary.

According to The Sunday People, Pete's negotiating a £50,000 deal with a British channel to make a programme about his romance with Kate.

Could this be his lowest career point yet?

Quite frankly: no. At least, not after I saw these pics of Pete supporting cockney pop duo Chas and Dave on the weekend, anyway!

Pete hardly dressed up for the occasion in his trademark scruffy/ really quite stinky and unwashed look, finished off with a rather fetching ink stain on the front of his T-shirt. Nice.

There’s a fine line between fashionably 'unkempt' and just plain scummy. Pete has most definitely crossed this line.

Oh dear, Pete - maybe you should out the Gorgeous Men in Equally Gorgeous Clothes Group on OSOYOU.com for some lessons in how to dress to impress. The sooner the better, in my opinion.

Then maybe Kate might overlook your little 'indiscretion'?

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