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Britney Spears in talks to play the Virgin Mary

Britney_pinkwig.jpg Yup, that's right folks. Britney Spears could be the next Virgin Mary. Ever imagined the Nativity play complete with pink wigs and mini skirts? One French director has.

Director Phillippe Rebboah has apparently offered the singer the lead role in his film Sweet Baby Jesus. But don't expect Britney to be hanging out in a manger. The film is a satirical version of the Nativity story which has Mary as a pregnant 19-year-old who is unsure of the identity of the baby's father. The character then goes into labour on Christmas Eve beginning rumours of the second coming. Britney is apparently reviewing the script.

Rebboah said, in the understatement of the year, "It's a bit ironic that she would play the Virgin Mary, no?"

I think I've found my new Christmas movie!

But while I'm waiting for this gem of a movie to come to fruition, I've become weirdly inspired to inject a little pink into my wardrobe. Good thing there's the handy Pretty in Pink List to satisfy my craving. No wigs included though. Let's save that look for Brit.

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