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Ashlee Simpson’s quirky new style for Outta My Head vid

Ashlee Simpson's changed a lot over the past year (remember that nose?), but I have to admit, it's all been for the better.

As her video for new single, Outta My Head, proves. It's a bit odd at times (a giant Rubik's cube? Really?), but the little fashionista has hit the nail on the head with her style.

Here are some of Ashlee’s key style moments:

ashleevid_hat.jpgI love the cute borrowers size top hat she's wearing; black, feather and ribbons, very on trend Ashlee.

Now ladies, time to take note, Ash’s hair is dark brown and layered in this first shot...

ashleevid_red.jpgAnd blonde and tousled here! Plus, Ash is bang on trend with those red Doc Martens and a black and white striped top too. Click here to check out our red accessories list for more ways to work red.

ashleevid_eyes.jpgNext comes this gorgeous shot of her face with yet another different look. I love her eye make-up. In fact, I've tried and tried again to get this look and every time it results in eye liner in the eye, make-up streaming down the face and having to wipe it off and starting again. :-(

ashleevid_goldshoes.jpgAnd finally, I can’t finish without a mention of these stunning gold shoes. There's only one word (OK, three words) that spring to mind – I want those!

office_shoes.jpgAnd now I can have them. Well similar anyway. Look at these beauties from Office - and click here to buy them now! They're on sale, so hurry!

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  • riley

    where can i find those cool red Doc Martens boots with the platforms in her video. I can't find them anywhere??

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