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Kylie Minogue steps out in 'boyfriend' jeans

kylie_boyfriend.jpgLadies, if you've been wanting proof that it's OK to ditch those skinny jeans and don something a little looser, then look no further than Ms Minogue here.

Kylie arrived back at her West London home on Saturday night wearing 'boyfriend' jeans. No, not her boyfriend's jeans- not unless a) that was where she was returning from, and b) her boyfriend is a midget - but that much-touted style of comfy jean that's been seen on the likes of Kate Moss.

The Tiny One teamed hers with a black leather jacket, grey top, grey silver scarf and sunglasses. Yes, at night. Thank goodness all those paparazzi flash bulbs were around so she could see where she was going, eh?

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