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Sienna Miller in The Case of the Runaway Eyebrow Pencil

sienna_eyebrows.jpgEver since boho became 'so last season', I've tried to keep an open mind re. 'Sienna Miller: Style Icon'.

Today, ladies, I give up.

This is how Sienna chose to dress for the Valentino Gala Evening in Rome, following their Haute Couture catwalk show. Quite aside from the frightful red feathery mess that is her 'designer' frock - WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HER EYEBROWS?!

Now, I have it on good authority that bushy eyebrows, à la Ugly Betty and any small child with minimal supervision and access to mummy's make-up bag, are 'in' for Autumn/ Winter 07. So I suppose we should all be thankful to Sienna for road-testing this new look.

Alternatively, we could just laugh loudly and point a lot.

I know which one I'm going for.

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  • Anonymous

    nothing wrong with her eyebrows.

  • Huh? I LOVE the eyebrows! The dress is a mess, j'agree, but I have no problem with the eyebrows...

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